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We are Fundle.

Fundle. is an innovative crowdfunding platform that lifts crowdfunding to a next level with a unique funding model, designing process and focus on community building.

On Fundle. creators run projects where a real community is created around. Not solely a campaign to collect funds but projects in which backers are intensively involved in the process.

We believe crowdfunding has a much higher potential, but to reach this we need to innovate. Together we can do this.

Want to be involved in the (testing) process? Please contact us!



Fast & Easy

Build a high quality campaign fast and easy while learning from other creators with our innnovative desiging process.


No waist of time anymore. Start realizing your project by having access to parts of the funds directly.


A more equal balance of power between backers and creators. Backers are intensively involved in the process.

Core Values.

We want to increase the accessibility and make crowdfunding easier for everybody. We aim to raise the quality standard and professionality of campaigns. Further we want to create a fairer system to let trust return for backers and creators.

Accessibility. Quality. Trust.