Current community building and crowdfunding platforms lack real community involvement. Members cannot really be "part of" and there is little interaction. Furthermore, members cannot always have fair benefits (social and/or economical).

From business perspective, much more can be gained from a community (skills, opinions, etc.). An involved and active community will result in happy, returning customers that increase brand awareness and trust. This will positively affect the profit and success of the business.

The way of community building and fundraising needs to be redeveloped to let it reach its maximum potential. We believe that building long-term relationships is essential for this. With community tokens businesses can offer new types of customer experiences, involvement, and interaction.

Together with Fundle building and managing communities becomes easier!

Blockchain allows us to revolutionize and strengthen the position of the community.

Web 2.0: Business asks community to support fundraising campaign once

Web 3.0: Business asks community to become part of and be involved for long time

Tokenized Communities and Economies.

Each business can create its own token to build a community and digital economy. Community tokens are a form of tokens linked to a specific business or community. Holders of that token are part of the community and can unlock specific rewards, experiences, or involvement.

Community tokens allow businesses to engage with their community more closely than ever before. The community is rewarded for the value they help creating the business. Members will have social & economic incentives to help the business succeed and the community will grow not only by its members but also in economic value. The tokens stimulate active participation and promotion of the business.

Fundle unlocks new forms of product creation and working. Namely together with people that truly support and believe in the business. Members can even have an active role in the business.

Each business decides how community token holders are involved and rewarded.

Community Examples

These are just a few examples, the possiblities are almost endless!


The people behind the platform

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Founder & CEO

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Software Developer

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Business Advisor

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