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    A platform where businesses can build tokenized communities to increase customer engagement. Businesses can build digital communities, use the skills and knowledge of members and involve or reward them. Users can buy community tokens to become a proud member and enjoy the benefits, interaction and involvement in the business.

  • 2

    Mobile App.

    Fundle will have a mobile version (IOS and Android) so that businesses can manage from everywhere and members are up to date at any time.

  • 3


    A democratic reward based crowdfunding mechanism where business can run campaigns to raise money and take the next steps in their business. The funding mechanism will be democratic and based on voting to release the funds stepwise.

  • 4

    Digital Economies.

    Members can work or do tasks (e.g. design, media or advise) for the businesses and earn community tokens. By working together and using each others qualities goals can be reached more quickly! Furthermore businesses can reward and thank their community by sending them community tokens.

  • 5

    Loyalty Rewards.

    Businesses can reward and thank their most loyal members by sending them community tokens.

  • 6

    Curve Customization.

    Businesses can customize the behavior of their bonding curve (relation between price and supply) to choose different types of community token price determination behavior.

  • More wil come...

    We will keep improving Fundle based on customer wishes and market needs.