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Boost customer engagement and brand loyalty to grow your business

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Where Brands and Fans Thrive Together.

Fundle is a community building tool, offering engaging membership programs and reward campaigns through community tokens. With Fundle, brands can boost customer engagement and brand loyalty, driving further business growth. We are there for consumer-driven brands that would like to offer a unique member experience with more rewards, involvement, and engagement.

Increase Brand Loyalty & Engagement

Provide more incentives, rewards, and involvement for members. Foster mutually beneficial relationships and profit together from community growth

Run Impactful Campaigns

Create effective community-driven marketing and impactful loyalty campaigns by rewarding members, who promote your brand, with tokens

Gain Feedback & Insights

Collect feedback about products and services from your biggest fans, and gain insights into consumer behavior and preferences

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Brand Loyalty and the Digital Generation.

Many undifferentiated programs and changing needs make that brands with traditional programs struggle to deeply connect with customers. Traditional programs lack differentiation and decrease in effectiveness, especially among younger generations. Gen Z is half as likely to be enrolled in a traditional loyalty program compared to Gen X. This young generation is looking for more personalized experiences, exclusive rewards, and brand engagement.

In traditional loyalty and community building, there is limited value generation, minimal two-way interaction, and a lot of passive, one-sided communication. Moreover, brands often experience difficulty in active customer engagement and struggle to connect and reach their target group effectively.

Fundle offers more attractive membership programs for brands through community tokens. The tokens are designed to incentivize engagement and reward growth. Provide more value to get more value from your community and grow your brand further. Curious how it works? Please reach out to us!

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Token Membership Model

The community tokens add economic value and financial incentives for members and stimulate them to engage and support your brand more than ever. The community tokens have a dynamic price mechanism to determine community value. The token value gradually adjusts based on members and the amount of economic value created.

Marketing by Fan Empowerment

The tokens are a powerful marketing and promotion tool through participation in financial success and by enabling fans to earn tokens. Fans feel more incentives and are stimulated to actively engage. Providing community tokens as reward is more meaningful than traditional loyalty points because of the financially backed value.

Effortless Communication

The integrated chat feature simplifies communication and is a direct channel to let fans and brands engage with each other. It also provides access to opinions and feedback to create user-centric products, boosting engagement further!

Data-Driven Insights

Get insights with data on member demographics, behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns to better understand your audience, sharpen marketing strategies, and tailor offerings to customer interests!