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Fundle is an innovative platform where businesses can raise funds and build tokenized communities to boost customer and fan involvement.

By working together with communities, businesses can reach goals quicker and grow faster.


Reasons why business choose crowdfunding are fundraising, community building, idea validation, and because it is a effective marketing tool. Intensive community building results in happier customers who want to return. Furthermore it can increase brand awareness, trust, and foster a positive customer centric culture around a business. All these aspects have a positive effect on profit and the success of a business.

However, current fundraising platforms lack real community involvement and control. Both parties cannot always take fair advantages and benefits. Therefore, the way of fundraising and community building needs to be redeveloped to let it reach its maximum potential.

We believe that businesses can gain much more from their community by involving them and giving them benefits. With community tokens, both the community and business can take advantage and be part of the journey. Crowdfunding is one of the possibilities businesses can do with their community to launch or grow their business.

Together with Fundle building and managing communities becomes easier!

Blockchain allows us to revolutionize and strengthen the position of the community.

Web 2.0: Business asks community to support fundraising campaign once

Web 3.0: Business asks community to become part of and be involved for long time

Tokenized Communities and Economies.

Each business can create its own crypto/community token to raise funds and build a personal brand and fanbase on Fundle. Community tokens are a form of tokens linked to a specific business or community. In fact each business can build its own digital economy.

Holders of that token are part of the community and community members can unlock specific engagements, rewards or experiences.

Community tokens allows businesses to engage with their community more closely than ever before. The community is rewarded for the value they help creating the business. The community will grow not only by its members but also in economic value.

With this model Fundle reinvents the process of creating products and managing communities. Members can now actively participate and pay more to have premium experiences, higher rewards, and more decision power. The social and economical benefits makes joining communities attractive for members.

Each business decides how community token holders are involved and rewarded.

Community Examples

These are just a few examples, the possiblities are almost endless!

We want to hear from you!

Whether you want to raise funds, build a new community, or gain more out of your existing community. We are looking for businesses, projects and potential members who are interested in Fundle!

Please apply as interested business or potential member for our test panel and become involved in the testing and development process. Leave your email here or contact us.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Here you can find answers to the questions that are frequently asked. Use the filter to find questions per category.

  • Why should businesses tokenize communities?

    Businesses can build stronger and more intense communities thanks to the community token model, where the community can be rewarded more. The model incentivizes fans to engage and promote the business more than ever because community members have economic & social incentives to help the business succeed. The community will grow not only by its members but also in value.

    The token is used as a way to access the community and to give each community its own kind of economy. All transactions and transfers inside the community are done with the community token. Furthermore, if people work for the business, they can be paid out with the community token. The tokens can be seen as an advanced version of membership cards but based on the blockchain.

  • What are the main benefits for businesses?

    • Thanks to the community token model, businesses can build stronger and more intense communities.
    • Building a digital economy.
    • Access to the skills of a whole community to help grow and improve the business.
    • Incentivize fans to engage and promote the business more than ever because community members have economic & social incentives to help the business succeed.
    • Raise funds without losing equity
    • Flexible funding with multiple funding rounds and direct access to part of the funds.
    • The market cap of the tokens gives a good representation of the value that their community is worth.

  • What are the main benefits for the community?

    • Proud token holder and so a member of the community.
    • Involvement in the business. Members won't simply support the business.
    • Access to special perks, experiences, and more benefits of the community
    • Fraud reduction/minimalization compared to traditional crowdfunding.
    • Fairer balance of power between members and the business
    • More members entering the community can lead to an increase in personal token value owned.
    • Creatives can work for the community in exchange for community tokens. For example, website or logo design, (social media) marketing, video or picture creation/editing, etc.

  • Why does Fundle use crypto and blockchain?

    We believe that rewarding the community for the value they’re helping create in the business is very important to stimulate active participation. Community tokens are the perfect tool to create this type of involvement. Especially for early adopters, the value of tokens can grow as more people join the community.

    Businesses' considerations for crowdfunding are mainly because of fundraising and community building. With this concept, we can strengthen both aspects by utilizing blockchain technology in this smart way.

    By using crypto and blockchain, everybody anywhere around the world can become a member and enjoy the benefits of the community. Furthermore, they are able to earn money by working for the community. The tokens can be bought and sold 24/7 worldwide. Transactions can be done easy and quick. Blockchain also provides a transparent and secure way of doing transactions.

  • What is the purpose of community tokens for members?

    Community tokens are not digital assets. Users buy the tokens to become part of a digital community and to enjoy the benefits of that community.

    Participation in crowdfunding campaigns are done because people want to have the product or want to support the business. Relatable to reward-based crowdfunding. All transactions conducted within the community are done to empower the community and not as an investment in a business.