Community building for innovators.

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Fundle is an innovative platform where businesses can build tokenized communities to boost customer and fan involvement.

Build long term relationships, offer new customer experiences and gain more value out of your community.

Community building for innovators.

Fundle is the perfect marketing and community tool for businesses to build stronger long-term relationships, offer new customer experiences and gain the most out of their community. Our mission is to increase customer engagement, benefits and deliver more value from the community for both business and members.

Each business has its own token to build a digital community and economy. Holders of that token (members) can unlock exclusive items, products, discounts, experiences, content, interaction or involvement. Community tokens allow businesses to engage with their members more closely than ever before.

Tokenized Communities and Economies.

The benefits and importance of an engaged community will increase further in the future. Community building ensures an increase in branding and awareness, customer loyalty and a reduction in support costs. Companies with online communities are 60% more profitable than companies that don't focus on online communities

Each business can create its own token to build a community and digital economy around their brand. Community tokens are a form of tokens linked to a specific business or community. All transactions and purchases of products within the community are done with the community token. Furthermore, if people work for the business, they can be paid out with the community token. The tokens can be seen as an advanced version of membership cards stored on the blockchain.

The token model unlocks new ways of customer engagement, benefits, involvement and marketing. Allowing businesses to increase their brand to customer relationship and grow their customer and fan base!


The people behind the platform

Wiebe Hendriks


Niels Snakenborg

Software Development

Robin Starink

Sales & Business Development

Leo Frehe

Business Advisor

Gerton Knipping

Marketing & Brand Advisor

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